Saturday, July 28, 2012

07/28 CF Competition

Okay, so I did this competition today:

This was my first ever CF competition - totally nervous leading up to it and during it too.  But I exceeded all of my expectations!  So happy!  Finished 10th out of 31.  Totally happy with that and I nearly won the Clean and Jerk ladder (2nd place).  As expected, the longer metcons were going to be rough on me since the training hasn't focused on those.  But I finished mid pack on those so not too shabby.

I did the floater WOD first thing in the morning.  So happy I did that then.  Got hot in the afternoon and the wait was long.

4 minute AMRAP
Plate burpee wall climb (35# plate, 6' high wall)

Deceptively tough.  24 reps.  Good for 13/31.  Exactly the number I was thinking I could get.

WOD #1
7 Pull ups
7 Box Jumps, 24inch
7 Slosh Pipe Overhead Squats, 30lbs 5ft long
**7 minute AMRAP
>>>Box jumps must have FULL foot on the box and FULL extension at the hip
>>>Slosh pipe, must have hands inside the caps, no resting it on your head

I had practiced this one earlier in the week.  Was shooting for 6 full rounds.  Got no repped a few times on the dang box jumps since the standard was a full foot on the box.  But still exceeded my goal and did 6 full rounds + 7 pullups + 3 box jumps.  Good for 12/31.

WOD #2

Clean & Jerk Ladder
You will have 45 seconds at each bar. You may make as many attempts within that time.
Womens bars: Start at 75lbs and end at 175lbs
Mens bars: Start at 135lbs and end at 295lbs
This round is scored by bodyweight % lifted

I figured I could do well on this one since it was measured against your bodyweight.  I knew I had done 195# before so that would put me in a pretty good spot I figured.  I actually hit 215# for a big PR so that was sweet!  Actually almost cleaned 235# on my second attempt, but since I only know how to power clean, it was no dice.  Easily could've caught it in a squat (got the bar high enough - and my front squat is 260#).  Just no technique doing that yet...  Good for 2/31!!!  If there was a 225# weight I could've gotten that.  And that would've won me the event!

WOD #3
For time:
50 Double Unders (PLEASE bring your own jump rope if you have one. If not we can supply but please turn it back in. Last comp we had over 8 stolen!)
40 Deadlifts 95/135lbs
30 Wall Balls, 14/20lbs 10 ft line
20 Toes to Bar
150m Plate Waiters Walk, 25/35lbs (NO FINGERS IN THE HOLE OF THE PLATE!!) You may switch arms at any time, but feet must stop if the plate comes down.
50 Double Unders
**12 minute cap**
My goal was just to finish this under the cap.  I was actually going pretty well until the waiter's walk.  That thing killed me!  Took me 7 stops and 3 minutes to complete.  But I did finish it under the time cap at 11:11.  Good for 17/31.

Overall finish 10th out of 31 competitors!

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