Tuesday, July 24, 2012

07/24 WOD

Did 1/2 the chipper that will be at my CF competition:

25 doubleunders
20 deadlifts @135#
15 wall balls @20#/10'
10 toes to bar
75m waiter's walk 35# plate
25 doubleunders


This was pretty tough as I'm not good at doubleunders, wall balls, and toes to bar.  Never did the waiter's walk before either.  Glad to have tried this before the competition.

GPP warmup:  500 singleunders, shoulder/leg/hip mobility stuff, CFWUx1+ (OHS@45#, reverse hypers x20, GHD x20, ring dips)

C/D:  doubleunder practice, shoulder mobility stuff, jerk practice

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