Thursday, July 12, 2012

07/12 WODs

Find 1 RM Box Jump
6 x 60 yards Sprints
*Rest 60 seconds between sprints
Post highest jump & fastest times

Okay, had us do the DWOD first.  My sciatic nerve was flaring up big time.  Did not feel very comfortable.  No explosion.  The box jump turned into a near disaster, as I ate it trying 48.5".  This was a height I had done before with relative ease (best height is 53" flat footed, 56" one stepping it).  So that was a bit disappointing.

The sprints I decided I would just take it easy.  That helped loosen things up a bit, so I ran faster and ended up doing fairly well considering.  Slight uphill on our street.

Warmup sprints:  11:09 - 9:13 - 8:30
Real sprints:  missed the timer on the first one - 7:33 - 7:33 - 7:31 - 7:58 - 7:63

Squat 3x5 (add 5 lbs to last workout)
Bench 3x5 (add 2.5 lbs to last workout)

Well the squat weight was 275#, but as noted above, wasn't feeling it.  As a matter of fact couldn't even finish my warmup as I failed at one rep @255#.  Sciatic nerve sucked the life out of me.  Skipped the squats.  I was trying too to improve my form after watching the squat series, "So You Think You Can Squat".  Probably didn't help either.

Was pretty demoralized after a bad night, but figured I could save it by doing the bench press.  I was able to complete the WOD @195#.  Felt heavy but everything did tonight.  Glad I made it through this at least.  Decided to do some 1RM testing for the C/D.  215#x1, 235#x1.  Not bad.  Short of my 240 1RM PR but considering how things went tonight, I'll take it!

GPP warmup:  500 barefoot singleunders, shoulder/hip/leg mobility, CFWUx1+ (OHS @45#, 10 slow reverse hypers, GHD stuff x10 reps, ring dips)
Squat warmup:  box squats - 5@45#. 5@95#, 5@135#, 3@185#, 2@235#, 1@255#(F)
Bench press warmup:  5@135#, 3@155#, 2@175#, 1@185#

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