Thursday, June 6, 2013

Start of Axle Bar

Here is a shot of the bar before the tape and collars. I've included a shot of the collars as well for reference. Right now I'm just using another set of lockjaw clamps as my stop.


  1. Looks great, going to attempt myself. Where did you score the end caps? Got a part number per chance?
    Thank you and great job!

  2. Check out these places:

    Have them send you samples of:

    1-3/4" for 9-12 gauge pipe

  3. Was wondering where you got the collars from..? I've looked everywhere for something like that for my bar... No luck

  4. Check out McMaster-Carr. Dimension is 1-15/16" ID. Hope that helps! Also, Grainger should have them. And eBay.