Thursday, June 6, 2013

Next DIY Project - the Axle Bar

As much as I love Rogue's stuff, shipping to California unfortunately makes the cost of some of their stuff higher than I'd like to pay (and I've bought plenty of stuff from them).  And being a DIYer, I like to build things myself where it makes sense and doesn't exceed my capabilities (and I have the right equipment).

Here is my next project - super simple really and I'll be able to save myself a little bit of money.  The differences are basically no powder coat (I'll use colored athletic tape to jazz things up a bit) and the collars/stops are steel collars that are secured with a set screw vs. a welded on stop.  I prefer the look of the collar personally - it looks a lot more like the material used for the sleeves on a typical barbell.

Got inspired watching the Regionals with them using the axles and figured it would be nice to add to the ever increasing volume of equipment in my garage... ;)  Will be good for grip stuff too!


  1. I am clueless about steel pipe ... If I went into a hardware store and asked for a 7 foot length of 1.5" Schedule 80 Steel Pipe would they know what I mean? Is that the correct way to phrase it? How much weight do you expect this to hold? have you tested the max load?

  2. Matt you'll need to go to a place that specializes in steel. You won't find this at Home Depot or even your local hardware store most likely. Do a search on "metal suppliers" in your area. That is a fairly common pipe size - be careful they don't try to sell you schedule 40. While the person I spoke with said it is very strong, it isn't as strong as schedule 80 - the wall thickness is less. I saw on Rogue's site that their 7' axle was tested at 650# and they use the same pipe. For just about everyone on the planet this pipe will be strong enough for... :) Hope this helps.

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  4. 1.5" schedule 80 has an OD of 1.90". 2" schedule 80 has ID of 1.94". This makes a great slip fit. Have someone weld the 2" section in place in the middle. You will get a 2.375" grip surface and not need to worry about inner collars.