Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY Bandbell Bar Load Testing

Okay, so here is the bar with 200# on it.  Definitely is flexing, but seemed pretty darn solid still.  I was nervous to put on more weight as I didn't want to do any destructive testing.  I don't think I'll be sniffing 200# anytime soon with this thing (if at all).

Next time maybe I load the 55# plate onto the double-walled section (just need to slide it over 1"-2").  That would probably help since how I designed this thing the weights hang on single-walled tube.  I really wish the shipping on tube over 58" wasn't so dang expensive.  I would've double-walled the entire bar and then gotten 1.75" diameter 1" pieces for the band holders and just glued those over the double walled tubing.  Oh well.  I didn't think I would be using these weights actually after seeing how people struggled with 106# on this video:  I think their design definitely flexes more than mine at lower weight but can withstand 600#!!!  Crazy.  I almost think a solid 1.25" rod sleeved inside a 1.5" tube might be too rigid and not give the intended effect.

Maybe I'll get a 12" 1.75" diameter sleeve to put over the existing band holders and then get 2" diameter 1" pieces.  That would solve my single wall setup.  Or slip a couple of feet of 1" solid rod on the inside...  Even easier!


  1. This looks interesting. Question for you? Could I just buy the 2x 39"Lx1.25"D sleeve (Internal bar), and then buy 3x 26"Lx 1.50"D sleeve (Outer bar)? Wouldn't that solve the problem of shipping and the single-wall tube on the ends, if everything gets glued together anyway?

  2. That should probably work - the thing I was worried about was would the splits in the bar create a weak spot? If you can source locally a 1.25" piece of solid fiberglass rod, I think that is the way to go. Then glue the small pieces on the end to hold the bands.

  3. This is awesome. I have been wanting to make a Bamboo Bar. What wall thickness did you end up using for both bars?