Saturday, August 11, 2012

08/04-08/11 Vacation!

Was on vacation from 8/4 to 8/11 in Lake Tahoe.  Brought workout gear but ended up never doing an "official" workout.  But was active much of the time there:

8/5 - swam in the pool some (I use the term "swam" loosely), did flips off the diving board, played tennis.

8/6 - lazy river down the Truckee...  fought off a bunch of little ninjas on the fallen tree

8/7 - Sand Harbor - paddling and jumping on and off big rocks

8/8 - 4 mile standup paddleboard adventure

8/9 - a bunch of pullups at Squaw Valley, a 2 mile run/hike, rock climbing on the ceiling (arms fried!)

8/10 - Sand Harbor again!  Same rock/water fun, and also rode a Sea Doo for quite some time.  Arms tired.

Ready to get back at it again!  Starting another competition soon!

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